ViLeNMagic First Post- Welcome :)

Welcome to Vilenmagic. This blog is created with the goal to share my tips and tricks about magic. And I want to help you to improve your art of magic.

I do not pretend to be an professional magician. I started learning card magic as a hobby now its my passion. All the content you will see in this blog will be based on my self experience.

Since you have visited my website, I feel you should know something About me.

Hi, I am Ankit parpala a student from Mumbai. I have started this website to share my knowledge and help you learn and grow you as a magician.

This Blog has been started with a vision to share closeup magic and card tricks. 

It is an open community for anyone who is interested to learn and improve upon the topics given below.

  1. Card Magic
  2. Coin Magic
  3. Mentalism
  4. Closeup magic
  5. Cardistry

If you have some suggestion or feedback feel free to send me your review by Contact me form.

Enjoy your stay with Vilen Magic!

Ankit Parpala

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