Top 3 Best Magic Pads for beginners (On budget 2021)

What if you could have a premium quality close up mat on a budget?

Close up magic is all about practice. But what if I tell you that you can learn magic faster with having better equipment early on.

The world famous magician asfd Roberto Giobbi (link to his website & books)also suggests having Close up mats from early on.

What if I tell you can practice better and learn faster. But, we all know that professional mats are very expensive. This is what keeps them away from buying them. 

I myself was in the same situation but I didn’t have the budget to buy such expensive mats. Though I knew how important mats were along with good Poker sized decks card.

But if you’re just a beginner and you have recently started learning magic. Now you have decided to level up your close up magic by using mat.  

Don’t worry I have a solution you can start by using budget friendly mats. Though they are cheap in price, trust me their quality is awesome.

I have put in hours of research and I myself have bought and used it. And I was amazed by their quality .

But there are so many options available to Close up mat. No problemo, I am here to help you. And trust I really want you to learn magic and succeed.

Let us see the top 3 budget friendly close up mats available in the market.

1.MilesMagic Magician close up card Mat

This mat I have personally used and it’s my personal favourite that’s why this is first on the list. I guarantee you won’t regret it after buying this.

I was amazed by its quality at such a price range. And if you ask me it is the best close up mat available on a budget.

It has a neoprene backing surface and is highly durable. Cleaning this mat is very easy as it can be hand washed.

The size of the mat is perfect. Deck of cards spread like butter on it. The material of the cloth is of high quality. The mat doesn’t wrinkle over the period of time. Though it can attract some dust if you don’t take care of it.

This Mat is absolutely value for money. You can check out its price on amazon.


  • High quality mat
  • It is hand washable
  • Highly durable
  • Neoprene backing surface
  • Perfect size
  • Best Mat available at this price range
  • It doesn’t wrinkle
  • Value for money
  • Cards spread like butter
  • It has non slippery rubber bottom
  • Best close up mat for beginners


  • It may attract dust over time

2.NF&E Magic Close Up Pad Card deck Mat for Magicians

This one is the second best option as it is very cheap. It is  good when it comes to performance. 

It has a soft velvet surface, which makes the card spread smooth. If you are a beginner in close up magic then I highly recommend it.

The linen material makes this pad highly durable. It can last longer if you take care of it. This mat is easy to wash and clean. It should be hand washed. 

The only thing is the cloth material is delicate and can get wrinkles if you don’t handle it properly.

The non slippery bottom surface keeps the mat sturdy. 

You can check the price of it on Amazon.


  • Perfect size
  • Non slippery bottom surface 
  • Velvet soft surface
  • Best mat in budget
  • Highly durable
  • Best for beginners
  • Made up of Linen material
  • Easy to wash and clean 


  • It needs proper handling otherwise it gets wrinkled

3.Spograde Close-up  Poker coin Mat Pad  for Magicians

The 3rd best option in my opinion is this Close up mat.  The size is perfect for close up performances. 

It is a very cheap and affordable magic pad available like the above mentioned close up magic pads.

The bottom part of the pad is made up of non-slip rubber. It will keep the mat steady while you perform.

The surface has soft velvet finishing. Which makes cards spread smoothly. 


  • Best Close up mat in budget
  • Perfect size
  • Bottom mat made up of non slippery rubber
  • Surface has soft velvet finishing
  • Cards spread smoothly 
  •  Best for beginner magicians
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Doesn’t wrinkle


  • Not Durable made up of lint
  • Attracts dust easily


I hope you have made a decision for your first close up mat. I know how special it is for you when its your first.

I still remember my first close up mat. If you are curious it was Miles magic close up card mat. 

So, I practice what I preach. I myself have used that pad for several years. And as I have more money I later upgraded to a more premium close up mat.

I hope that I help you to choose your first close up mat. 

Tell me in the comments which is your favourite Close up magic equipment or Gadget? I would like to hear from you. 

And if you are beginner comment Your first magic trick you learned.

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