How to stop playing cards from sticking together?

  The problem of playing cards sticking together has bothered me more than anything else.

Cleaning your decks of cards is important. Shuffling and dealing becomes more difficult when cards are sticking and are not fresh.

How musicians or any artists keep their inventory clean magicians and cardists should too.

To stop playing cards from sticking together you can take a paper bag and put cards in it. Add flour, cornstarch, or talcum powder then shake it. After shaking, wipe it with a paper towel.

The stickiness of the card will disappear. Also if your hands sweat a lot then you should wipe your hands then touch the playing cards.

How to remove fingerprints from playing cards?

 Fingerprint can make your card sticky so try to clean fingerprints. To clean fingerprints first rub cards with white bread and then clean it with a dry cloth. 

Why do playing cards stick together?

The oil, dirt, and sweat from your hands can collect over time and can make playing cards sticky.

When you are performing magic tricks or practicing try to keep your hands clean. And try to avoid giving your cards to the audience as much as possible.

What happens when playing cards stick together?

After using your cards for few times you notice it is not as smooth a sit used to be. The reason is your cards accumulated dirt and oil and has lost their smoothness.

If you use such cards it can slow you down or perhaps hamper your performance.

The sleight of hand tricks like double lift and shuffling can be hard to perform. And even you could manage to perform it won’t be as effective it used to be.

So, the general advice is to keep changing your deck of cards frequently. And keep your hands clean. If you try to clean your deck by yourself you do more harm than good.

How to clean plastic playing cards?

Compared to paper playing cards it’s easy to clean plastic playing cards.

You can wash plastic cards with cold water or wipe them. But a word of caution is don’t scrub or rub them otherwise the pattern or print on plastic cards can be damaged. 

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