What is the rarest deck of playing cards?

Playing cards is one of the inexpensive forms of amusement available, and almost everyone seems to have at least 1 deck stashed in or around their home.  While most individuals do not consider playing cards to be anything exceptional, there is a sizable group of individuals that collect rare and uncommon decks of cards as … Read more

How to stop playing cards from sticking together?

  The problem of playing cards sticking together has bothered me more than anything else. Cleaning your decks of cards is important. Shuffling and dealing becomes more difficult when cards are sticking and are not fresh. How musicians or any artists keep their inventory clean magicians and cardists should too. To stop playing cards from sticking … Read more

Best cardistry decks for beginners (2021)

Have you seen guys doing cool moves just with cards? Yeah, it looks soo amazing, I have seen the virts videos gazillion times. Cardistry was done by magicians but later sole practice of cardistry began. The popularity of cardistry is very high. Many people are trying to learn cardistry. But they are confused about how … Read more