Best cardistry decks for beginners (2021)

Have you seen guys doing cool moves just with cards? Yeah, it looks soo amazing, I have seen the virts videos gazillion times.

Cardistry was done by magicians but later sole practice of cardistry began.

The popularity of cardistry is very high. Many people are trying to learn cardistry. But they are confused about how to start cardistry. 

First, they require a beautiful-looking deck right. No, you don’t require any expensive deck in the beginning.

Those expensive decks are good ones you acquire skills. Cardistry is very hard to learn.

Even when you practice daily you will lose motivation. You will ask yourself “why did even I get started with this hobby?”

So, I recommend beginners should start with less expensive cards. As they are easily available and have less cost.

In the beginning, you will bend and drop cards so many times. So buying an expensive deck of cards is of no use.

What are the factors to consider before buying Cards for Cardistry?

  • Durability: The best way to learn any skill is by deliberate practicing. And same is with Cardistry. While practicing you will drop cards soo many times, you will bend them. So durability is a very important feature to consider while buying a card.
  • Quality: It is another important factor while purchasing cards. If you buy cheap quality cards then they will bend easily. The feel and smoothness of the card will also be not good. 
  • Design: It is the personnel choice of many cardists. Cardistry is a visual game so design and color are very important. Most cards have designs that I not just pleasing to the eyes but also flow together.
  • Cards stock: It’s very important to know of which material the card is made up of is it paper o plastic. Most USPC cards are paper made while there are certain cards made up of plastic as well. 
  • Price: The last factor to consider is the cost of the deck. For beginners, it is recommended not to buy expensive decks. When you will acquire the skill you can later upgrade to more advanced decks.

Best cardistry cards for beginners

1.Tally ho no 9 playing cards

After Bicycle cards I recommend Tally ho cards. The durability of the Tally-ho cards is better than bicycle cards. The Linoid finish makes this card more durable. 

This is the best deck for cardistry in this price range.

They have good springiness and the overall quality of the deck is awesome. Unlike Bicycle cards, Tally ho is made specifically for cardists. 

The back design of hally ho card is amazing.


  • Better grip 
  • Linoid finish
  • Excellent quality
  • Low Price
  • Made for cardists
  • Elegant back  design
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Durability

2.Bicycle rider back playing cards

Bicycle cards are world famous and a quality brand. Beginners should start with this deck of cards.

 Bicycle rider back is pretty easily available on Amazon. And it’s not expensive as well. So don’t worry you won’t go bankrupt, just kidding.

Bicycle cards are the most known brand in the magic community. Most magicians use Bicycle cards. 

But for beginners who want to learn cardistry, this should be their starting point. 

And as you learn a few skills you can gradually go towards the more fancy deck of cards.

What is most important in the beginning is to practice as much as you can. 

Any bicycle standard deck is very good at quality. Don’t go for fake decks that claim to be a bicycle. 

Here, read an article on How to spot fake bicycle cards vs Real?.

So, Do you just wanna binge-watch those artistry videos or are you gonna get started. 

Go, get the Bicycle card or any card you have at home, and get started. Getting started is the most important thing.

Yeah, this article can end pretty much here. But for information junkies, you want more options then read below. The other options of decks for beginners.


  • Less cost 
  • Easily available
  • Famous brand
  • Good Quality
  • Many options 
  • Different Colour 


  • Finishing is not good

3. The Bicycle neon deck

This card is specially designed for cardistry. Its design is by far my favorite. It has a classic air-cushion finish. Which helps card artists to make amazing fans and flourishes. It can take your cardistry to the next level. The debossed neon pattern in the front and back end makes sit look amazing.


  • Classic air cushion finish
  • Design
  • Made for Cardists


  • Durability

4. Monarch cards by Theory 11

Now, let’s move to some serious cardistry. It is a premium quality card. The finishing of the deck is good which makes it very good for Cardistry.

Its Design is something worth mentioning.

It is one of the most cherished luxury cards present in the market. The royal design and wonderful aesthetic make it more special. This can be an amazing gift for someone who loves to collect cards.

This card has been featured in one of my favorite movies “Now you see me”. It is also featured in GQ magazine.

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