8 best magic kits for children

Many great magicians have started learning magic early in life.Magic kits can help your child get started in the journey of becoming magician. Who knows the next David coperfield can be your child. Though it’s rare.

When I was a child I used to love to see magic. I was fascinated by how a magician disappears things. And make things float.

Magic is one of the best hobbies that your child can have. It helps them to improve their social skills and develop their mind.

Every child has a phase where once they saw magic maybe live performance or on tv. They want to know how it’s done or want to learn.

So, Magic kits are the fantastic and cheap ways through which your child can learn magic tricks.

If your child is interested in magic then magic kits can be the best gifts for them. It keeps your child entertained and engaged.

What is a magic kit?

According to Wikipedia magic kit or set is a toy, directed towards a younger audience. It includes instruction and tools to perform simple magic tricks.

How to select a magic kit for your child? ( 4 things to consider)

There are so many options while choosing a magic kit for your kids.
Below I have mentioned some points to consider before buying a magic kit.

● Simple to understand instruction
The magic kit should have simple instructions so that your child can learn easily. It won’t be good if the tricks and props are amazing but a child can’t understand.

● Age estimate
Age is an important factor to consider before buying a Magic kit. You should buy considering your child’s age.
● Skill level required
Normally, Child’s magic kits have easy tricks. And most of them don’t require any prior skill. But check what you are signing up for before buying.
● Security and safety
The safety of your child is of utmost importance. See if any warning is given.

Our top 8 suggestion:-

  1. Learn & Climb jumbo magic kit
    It is one of the largest Magic kit sellers in the market.
    Learn & climb sells toys that are not only fun but also helps to learn. They offer many products but their Mega magic kit is best.

And I highly recommend it for your kids. It has 28 props and various tricks that will keep your child entertained.

The kit comes with 2 drawers that help you to organize your props.
Their illustrated manual and video instructions are amazing. Children above age 6 can use this kit.


● High-quality material utilized
● It includes illustrated manual &instructional DVD.
● Impressive storage system
● A mixture of props & tricks to keep your child entertain.
● Numerous learning grades for differing ages.


● Instructions are not easy to use by kids alone.

  1. Marvin’s amazing magic tricks (box of 225)- Multicolor
    There are 225 amazing tricks that your child can learn. The tricks are easy to perform and with a well-illustrated manual. The magician in your kid can grow along with this kit.
    Your kid can learn amazing magic in no time. It’s a great choice for your kid. Though this kit won’t make your child the next Dynamo.
    But surely will help your kid grow as a magician. Contains well-selected magic tricks for your kid.


● 225 magic tricks which is quite a lot
● Entertaining and a great choice for growing magician
● Illustration is very good and easy to understand
● Various types of magic tricks available


● Few of the tricks are difficult to learn

  1. Evolushin Magic set Shin Lim is one of the modern-day masters of card magic and the winner of America’s got talent (AGT).
    He has designed this kit for budding magicians. And it has 32 pages booklet that contains 100 card magic tricks.

Shin Lim himself has taught magic. If your kid is serious then you should buy this set for them. Your child can learn from one of the best magicians in the world.


● It focuses on the person rather than props
● Learn from the best

Things included in the magic set:

● Card magic
● Routines
● Packet trick
● Other magic
● Video instruction
● Written instruction


● Many tricks are not easy to learn and require certain skills

  1. Criss Angel platinum magic kit

Learn more than 250 mind freaking magic tricks. It has step-by-step instructions on DVD. Criss Angel floating device has been included in this kit.

This magic kit has been awarded the best magic kit by the international magician’s society. It includes sponge balls, cups and balls, secret floating devices, and others.

● Hundreds of magic trick
● Learn from the best illusionist
● Includes manual
● Criss Angel Levitation secret included

● Instructions are quite short and very basic

  1. The Penn & Teller fool everyone magic kit They are the celebrity magicians and their kit can do wonders for your child. The tricks in the kit can amze your childs friend.
    The kit contains 200 tricks along with clear instructions. This kit is best suited for kids of age upto 8 years old. It has 200 tricks and many of them are card tricks but kit doesn’t include deck of cards. This is a con that I found in this kit. Pros
    ● It includes magic wand that’s epic for your kid to show off
    ● It’s great for little older kits upto 8 years of age
    ● Penn & teller teaches some of their famous magic tricks
    ● Upto 200 magic tricks are taught via Videos and booklet

● It doesn’t include deck of card though it mostly contains card magic tricks

  1. The aspiring magician magic
    Your child can learn over 350 amazing magic tricks.Which is sufficient for them to keep entertained. It is very comprehensive magic kit in my list as it contains 350 magic tricks.

It’s amazing for your kid if you wanna support your child interest in magic. It comes with 3 ebooks on magic.

Though they claim that it has 350 magic but still props for all tricks are not included. There ebook contains this 350 magic tricks. Which is their downfall.

● It includes 3 ebooks on magic
● Easy to use
● Quality is good
● They claim 350 magic tricks included.Which is present in their ebook and for lot of the tricks props are not included.

  1. Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase
    The kit contains 100 magic tricks. It storage suitcase is unique as it can be doubled as performance table. Isn’t it wonderful feature of this kit.
    It has high quality props. Any child above 8 years can use this kit.

It includes magic tricks like dice escape,card shuffle, vanishing salt, multiplying balls,and many more.

● Unique suitcase for storage and can become performance table
● Magician hats
● Online videos instructions

● The durability of suitcase is a question as it is made up of cardboard.

  1. Melissa & Doug Classic Magic Tricks

Child of age 8 can use this kit. They can perform in their friends birthday and surprise everyone. It’s very easy to use and clear instructions are given. It comes with a handy storage box. The quality of the material is excellent.

Your child can master many amazing magic tricks. From number prediction,to vanishing coin or a disappearing ball it’s a magic house for your kid.

● Quality material used
● Easy to learn magic tricks
● storage box is available
● Easy to apply instruction for your child

● This kit has only 10 tricks available


For your childs growing mind learning magic can help them improve. A lot of motor skills like hand eye coordination can enhance.
And buying a magic kit is a first step towards your childs magical journey. It’s great if your child is interested in magic.

We have just reviewed handful of magic kits available.
So,tell me in the comment section which is your favourite Magic kit.

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